Hello, everyone! I am Manish Tiwari founder of wpseoguru.com and managing over 50+ other blogs, websites and seo services. First of all thanking  you all for visiting this blog and I hope you will love my content.

Qualification: I completed my Engineering in the stream of EEE and certified from Nutrilite health institute in California as Nutrition Advisor.

My passion brings me here to create a blog about earning online to help the people.

Earlier life:

I was born in a middle class family, which is in the remote village. I was unaware of my Family’s financial condition and situations in my village, even up to the completion of my 10th class. After finishing of my 10th class, I come to know the great difference between the standard of living, and the technology existing of that time, which was entering our villages through television and mobiles.

At that moment, I decided to join the Bi.P.C course. But my family’s situation was not in sync with the expenses that will be incurred by me, for my further Studies. Just like everybody else, I joined the M.P.C which really changed my way of studying and thinking. I performed Very well in intermediate, and my parents were very satisfied with my progress.

After that I started to spend more and more time with the internet. During that time, I fell in love with the technology, and the manner in which things can be achieved by utilizing that. Later, with the course of time, I joined B.Tech Electrical Engineering stream in the year 2010. In the very first year, I performed very well to my abilities and started to enjoy the studying process and the Knowledge.

Coming Back to my Family, we are three brothers, living with my parents. I am the second one, and we were all pursuing education at the same time. Our parents were facing some financial crunch, in paying up the bills for the three of us. So, I have decided to do a part time job to ease my monthly food charges, and I  joined this global MLM Company, which was in good reckoning during that period.

That MLM company has really changed my way of thinking, My life style, My confidence levels. Up until then, My Ultimate goal in Life was to find a lucrative job and get settled in the industry in line with my education. But after joining that MLM Company, I never again thought about the job, the same way I did before. Eventually, I finished my engineering with good percentage of 80% marks.

From my previous experience with technology and internet, I thought of making money online and did ample research regarding the possibilities of making money through online sites and various avenues.

At that time, I started to explore newer ways to earn money online and started to implement my own strategies and learn at the same time. It is at this moment, my online income started and my journey as an SEO Expert is  contiuning..,

About wpseoguru.com website:


The main aim of the wpseoguru.com is to improve the way, online entrepreneurs procede with their works, and to implement their ideas to make India a front runner in the field of technology and be a part of our nation building, and making digital India, a reality.


In this blog, we are providing complete guidance, on how to setup a website using wordpress. That includes purchasing a domain and hosting at a very low cost, installing wordpress in the cpanel , designing and setting up of wordpress blog and websites.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is to make their Blog/Website to appear on the first page of various active search engines, when the visitors make a search by the using keywords.

This Website provides you complete guide about the on-page and off-page optimization about the blog and off-page includes relevant link building strategies that are accepted by the famous search engines like google, bing, yahoo and ask etc.


SMO full form is Social Media Optimization. It includes in engaging the visitors to the website, with the help of famous social media platforms that are existing now.The main social media platforms are google plus, youtube,facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram and pinterest. It is social media from that we will make our blog as popular one.


Making money is deemed to be the ultimate goal of any blogger. But at the same time, Every Blogger wants his site to be read and reach over to innumerable netizens. In this topic, we will cover about the steps to make money, through Google Adsense, and other alternatives paid advertisers, by the blog Monetization. In this Website, we cover about easy tips and improving the earnings in an easy manner.

My ongoing project:

Below, I have mentioned about my ongoing big project which I think, will make a certain change in the digital platform of India.

This project is based upon the eCommerce platform, exploring the eCommerce in a great way with the innovative thinking.

My main objective of this eCommerce platform is to reach each and every market from shopping malls to retailers and even Road side vendors, those who are under threat by the big (bada) eCommerce sites (companies) like Amazon, snapdeal, flipkart and etc..,

If you, as a user on this website wants to give your valuable suggestions and Ideas, you are utmost welcome. You can reach me here @Contact Us


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