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WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – step by step procedure to set-up a complete website

 WordPress Tutorial For Beginners and step by step procedure to set up a complete website  is should be known by the beginners who are ready to earn money through online by setting up their own website using WordPress.

In order to know more about setting up a website, first, we should need to know about the WordPress. It is one of the most emerging platforms that is used by the bloggers  to earn money in an easy way with less complexity. We can build an excellent responsive website without coding knowledge by the help of this platform.

WordPress is the best content management system using all around the world. By using this platform we can set up our own website within the matter of one hour. that is why most of the bloggers, news magazines, and online newspapers are using this platform.

To set up a website first we should have a custom domain and preferred hosting provider      ( server ). We will talk about these in the following steps.

The step by step procedure to set up a website using WordPress  includes mainly 8 steps

Those are

1.Registering a custom domain Name

2. Purchasing the Hosting or go for free hosting

3. Changing the domain name servers

4. Adding to add-on domains and installing WordPress in the Cpanel

5. Basic things that need to do After installing WordPress

6.  Creating the needed pages and categories

7. Installing the theme and extra needed plugins

8. Menu set up and customizing the website

The detailed information about the procedure is given below. Follow  these easy steps to set up the website in an easy manner

Step-1: Registering A custom domain Name:

Domain name is the main thing for any website and it is called as URL or web address of the website.

Domain names are of different types they are mainly  TLD’s, country level domains and specific domains.  TLD means top level domains

Top level domains are mainly three types. These are universal domain names which are can be used throughout the world.

Types of Top level domains are

.com type – Mainly for brands and companies 

.org type  -Mainly for organizations 

.net type – Mainly for technology blogs and etc.

Country level domains  are specified to countries with specific country codes(extensions)  

.in and are especially for India

.us is especially for united states and .uk are especially for united kingdom

.sa is especially for South Africa

like this, every country has their specific country level domain extensions.

Specific Domains are having the specific niche extensions like .club, .online, .news, .tech, .design, .video, .studio, .dance, .actor, .social, .reviews , .computer, .rocks, .pet, .cloud, .me, .lol, .forsale, .xyz, .ninja, .bio and .tv etc….

Domain availability checking needs some innovating thinking and generally, the domain names with direct keywords will may not available right now because of the competition. In the selection of domain name, it’s length should be short and name should be a cache one that needs to remember by the visitors.

Registering a domain is the first task for the beginners. I am providing a simple technique here to get a domain at 111 Indian rupees.

Registering a .COM domain for 111 Indian rupees

First, disable the Ad blocker if it is inactivated mode. Otherwise, don’t need to worry about this. If you don’t know about the Ad blocker you don’t worry just go on.

Swichoff the adblocker

Then go to the or type GoDaddy then you will see Rs.99.COMs in the sub listings of GoDaddy and then click on Rs.99.COMs and then you will be redirected to


Then enter your required domain name in the search box if it is available then click on continue. and once again click on continue and then make 2 or 5 years as 1 year and don’t need to change any other options and click on proceed to checkout on the right side.Domain name searchAnd then go to new customer option here, use a new Gmail in the next required fields and go for suitable payment option to get the domain.

After that wait for 2 to 5 minutes , you will get the order confirmation and verification emails. Verify your domain ownership by clicking the verify button in the verification mail.

Step-2: Purchasing the hosting or Go for free hosting:

 In order to set up the website live we definitely need the hosting provider (hosting server) In this case we can go for the premium hosting or we can go for free hosting services. Preferring premium hosting is better than free hosting because of the security and support issues.

Generally hosting is of three types

  1. Shared hosting or WordPress hosting
  2. VPS hosting
  3. Dedicated server

Generally, we will go for shared hosting Initially.

I am mentioning the best hosting service providers which are having good track record and good customer support.

  1. Digital ocean
  2. Bluehost
  3. known host
  4. Interserver
  5. A small orange 

If you are having any trouble or doubt about the purchasing hosting I will guide you to purchase the hosting for some discounts.

The detailed information about the is given in the following video.

Step-3: Changing the domain name servers:

Changing the domain name servers is a simple task. When you purchasing the hosting the service provider will provide the Domain name servers in the invoice message. changing the domain name servers is shown in the following steps.

First login into your domain provider account (ex: login into your GoDaddy or big rock account)

Then go to the Manage my domain option and click on the settings tab and change the domain name servers, That is clearly mentioned in the following images and video.

Step-4: Adding to add-on domains and installing the WordPress in the Cpanel

First login to your CPanel account which is provided by your hosting provider

then go to the domain block you will see an option there as add-on domains then click on it

then you will go to another page like this as mentioned below figure.

Enter your domain name here like with no pre-formats  ( Don’t add http:// or http://www. before

After Adding domain name in the Add-on domains we need to install the WordPress to the particular domain

Installation of the WordPress:

Go to Softaculous app Installer and then follow the steps as shown below those are mentioned in the following images and video.

Then the installation panel will appear there. We need to fill the panel like this

Software setup section:

1st field – select the version: http:// or http://www.

2nd field – select the domain name

3rd field –  remove “wp” there

4th field – Don’t do anything here ( this is the automatic allocation ) 

watch this following video regarding wordpress installation process

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